Types of Trips



Ready, set, let’s go. Where? Into the wild woods, where there is no wifi. A range of thrill-seeking experiences awaits to exhilarate and pulse your adrenaline. Awaken the adventurer within you by trekking through a rainforest, climbing stiff mountain peaks, rafting in the waves, water activities near a beautiful seashore, sky diving off of rugged coastlines, diving with the dolphins and camping under the peaceful desert sunset. 


beach side

Beach Destination

It’s time to rest a little and swing a little more by the sea. A seaside destination lets you collect yourself from the hustle and the hectic urban life. What could be more sensational than feeling a gentle breeze, touching the soft waves and gazing at the peaceful setting sun?


Road Trips

We all get tired of living a monotonous life. Get rid of your boredom, let your freedom prevail with our adventure-packed road trips! Plan your trip and let google maps be your guide. An itinerary super-filled with unique locations to explore, scenic routes to drive by and tasty local fares to hog on. This road trip is an ideal setting to energize the spirit within.



Gateways, whether at a beach, at a resort,  at a beachside cottage, or a weekend at a golf course, is what everyone needs to cheer up. These are the satisfactory times for which we plan a quick escape from the noisy city life. Our travel team will plan one of it’s kind gateways for you. 


City Trips

A city flaunts its shades in many colours. The cultural taste, the social roots, its present processing and a lot more. We remember it by its well-known food, crowded markets, its museums. Relish the delish and shop from the best in the city and collect travel souvenirs on go.

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A multi-city trip makes an ultimate trip. It’s fun jumping around the cities seeking the taste of its original and witnessing the diversity across boundaries is such an educating experience. Our trip planners will give you a wholesome experience of every city you step your foot in.


Jungle Safari

Such a terrific experience it is, to build an eye contact with wild animals while your heart is pounding fast. Explore the wilderness with us and you can’t get enough of the safari ride. Explore the true essence of the jungle with our jungle safari. It will definitely make a fascinating tale to tell your friends.



Want to explore all of our packages in one go? That’s gonna be quite a ride. Our mix packages will leave you awestruck, making it the most memorable trip of your life. Luxury packages or scenic packages, you name it we have it.

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