Not all those who wander
are lost

Not all those who wander
are lost

Making Travelling more Fun and Exciting

The Indian Travel Xpress is one of a kind travel agency that gives you the best way to relaxation and rejuvenation. We, at Indian Travel Xpress, challenge the concept of conventional travel planning methods and the hectic of booking tickets. Since the last 5 years, we have been providing amazing travel experiences to our various clients. Imagine! Your partner or a friend blindfolds you and takes you to the destination you always wanted to explore. Well, we are that friend! Indian Travel Xpress picks a surprise destination for you, which will be unveiled only when you will step out of your transport.
We don’t choose random destinations for you. We pick the location based on the survey answers by you. We save your efforts of A to Z planning, including lengthy travel bookings. Then, we curate a list of local recommendations for you to explore. Just like a kid is excited to open his new surprise gift, we believe that as grown-ups, we get far more excited when we know that there is a surprise waiting for us to arrive. And what is better than quenching the hunger for new experiences of a wonderstruck kid within you.

Travel is about the distinct shades of the earth, the diversified features of our planet, dissimilar soil underneath, and the people of different cultures.

The best thing about travel is the surprise element; the surprise of the destination. We may pack our overalls and google the weather, but the surprise element of exploration and the journey continues to exist.

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Why We?

Indian Travel Xpress plans surprise travel trips for solo, dual, family and bachelors vacationers. We offer a intense new experience and a whole new sentiment of travel, help couples find a lover’s retreat, fill enough adrenaline in the backpackers and adventure junkies, and plan the perfect getaway for friends whose vacation plans have always failed.

We share more unique things while exploring that you had never seen and may notbe experienced.

Make your tour less hectic by giving us an opportunity to serve you best travel experience.

How We Are Different?

We never reveals the unexpected areas until you reaches to the exceptional spots extraordinarily we chosen for you.
We never compromise in giving best quality plans and packages for you.
Indian Travel Xpress consistently favor that to give best of best things in your financial plan.

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Ready to Travel? Get in Touch With Us

Ready to Travel? Get in touch With Us